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Montana Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Repeal; Respects Will of Voters and Patient's Rights

Daily Dose 2011-04-18 0 comments

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, by vetoing the medical marijuana repeal effort mounted by a the right, protected patient's rights to safe and legal access in the state.

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer recently vetoed a bill that had disproportionate attention on it in the first place, throwing into question the reasoning and intellect among some of our elected officials that think it wise to question the will of the poeple.

As recently as last month, a poll circulated that reflected a respectful tone among the citizens of Montana and the voter-passed initiate that legalized a medical framework for the cannabis plant for those whom would benefit from its therapeutic use.

For the most part, I don’t doubt that some of those who think cannabis should beĀ eradicated from the planet are seriously misguided by the half-centrury-plus propaganda promulgated by the main stream.

Medical Marijuana 411 applauds the leadership and wisdom of Gov. Schweitzer and fully supports the efforts in Montana to protect patients rights.

Steph Sherer, Founder and Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access, has spent many hours in the last few months educating those in the state, as has Federal IND Patient Irvin Rosenfeld, who resides in Florida and works closely with Patients Out of Time.

Thanks to the efforts of the medical cannabis community, ensuring safe access for those who rely on medical marijuana is of the utmost importance. Ā Montana became the first state to have their ballot initiate repealed and then vetoed by a governor and speaks volumes to those who threaten safe access in compassionate states, as well as in the states that are taking this issue to the people for a vote later in the year and in 2012.