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“My Medicine” First Official Book Tour Begins in Denver

Daily Dose 2011-06-06 0 comments

One man’s battle for the right to medical cannabis as an alternative treatment

By Hiedi Handford |  June 6, 2011

Book tour to begin in Denver for federal medical marijuana patient Irvin Rosendfeld. California hopes to see Mr. Rosenfeld later in the month, health permitting.

The first official book tour of the longest surviving medical marijuana patient begins in Denver Colorado on June 13, 2011.

Irvin Rosenfeld, author of “My Medicine, How I Convinced the US Government to Provide My Marijuana and Helped Launch a National Movement” will be signing copies of his book at various dispensaries in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Breckenridge.

“My Medicine” tells the story of a forty year struggle to educate the Federal government and the public at large about the benefits of medicinal cannabis and the lack of studies and research that have been done, while helping to further the use of medical cannabis both in this country and worldwide.

Diagnosed with a serious bone disorder after a baseball injury at the age of 10, Rosenfeld, a Senior Vice President of Investments for a stockbroker firm in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, became one of a select few American citizens to have the U.S. Government grow and supply his medical cannabis.

Irvin receives 300 pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes every 25 days, and has for the past 28 years!

With the issue of cannabis and cannabis legislation at the forefront of news nationwide, this book is a “must read” for anyone interested in the fight for privacy and safe access in their individual healthcare choices.

Irvin has been through most all forms of pain management before finding medical cannabis 28 years ago and believes it has saved him from a life of misery and eventual death.

For more information on the book signing tour or to schedule interviews with Mr. Rosenfeld, contact his marketing assistant Hiedi Handford  at 406-594-7932 or e-mail at You may visit Irvin’s site to learn about his book at

We look forward to meeting you!