Oregon Recreational Success Story- Tax Revenue over 50 Million In 2016

Oregon has received more than $54 million in marijuana tax payments so far this year – According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, statewide marijuana tax receipts for the year totaled $54,506,832 as of Nov. 30.

The state has seen steadily increasing tax payments since it began collecting them earlier this year. In its first month of collecting marijuana taxes, the state took in $2,484,170. In October, tax receipts statewide totaled $7,831,157.


Measure 91, which voters approved in 2014, dictates how marijuana tax money will be spent, with the biggest portion–40 percent–going to the Common School Fund.

The rest of the money is divided between mental health, alcoholism, and drug services, state and local law enforcement agencies and the Oregon Health Authority.

More information can be found on the Oregon Department of Revenue’s tax statistics page.


Source: KPTV-KPDX Broadcasting Corporation


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