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Osama bin Laden Hideout had Marijuana Plants Growing Nearby – Does Oklahoma Wish to Rethink their Extreme Position on Cultivation

Daily Dose 2011-05-06 0 comments

Assassin – etymology of assassin from Etymologically, an assassin is an ‘eater or smoker of hashish’, the drug cannabis.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  May 6, 2011

Does cannabis found at the compound of OBL hurt state's in the West that still punish to the extreme?

Now that state-sactioned assassinations by the United States have cultivated the decapitation of the snake’s head, we have learned many things about the bunker Bin Laden was hanging out in.

For one, there was wild cannabis growing.

There has been no evidence of any plants hanging upside down or dried out flowers, but we do know that the word ‘hashish’ comes from the word ‘assassin’ so it’s somewhat ironic that the U.S. would at the same time assassinate OBL and at the same time have a state that has on the books a 2-year-to-life sentence for growing the same plant.

If you grow that plant and make hash from the plant matter it’s another 2-to-life sentence, unless you take a plea that makes the state money.

Turning marijuana into hash is like taking an orange and making a concentrate you add water to: it’s still orange juice.

Please don’t go throwing water on your hash, kief, or oils though, as it’s only like make a concentrate. It’s still an extract and as such, it won’t make more if you add water.

With Oklahoma taking a hard-lined stance against the very plant that wasn’t bad enough for Bin Laden to destroy, is it time that Oklahoma set’s themselves apart from their staunch position they’ve clung to prior to learning about the science behind the plant.

If the fierce folks in Oklahoma’s law enforcement are happy with the definitions they’ve been saddled with so far, they should keep their heads in the sand. While their butts are up though, they’re sure to get a serious butt kicking by the movement that is bigger than them.

While medical marijuana has made great strides in other states, turning the worst offenders in the country around is one of the main goals.

If Oklahoma wants to spend all their resources they have attacking their own people, they will show the world the difference between tolerance and compassion versus extreme positions ruled by a heavy hand.

They may try to assassinate a movement, but it will be more like political suicide.

It may take one of the soldiers returning from war, experiencing symptoms of PTSD to take on this fight upon arrival, and if they are one soldiers who killed OBL, and if that soldier returns to Oklahoma just to be arrested for self-medicating, maybe then they will have enough pressure to finally take a sensible approach to a problem they see.

Perhaps they won’t even see use as the problem, but prohibiting use, and then they won’t see us as a problem, but a solution.

If not, Oklahoma will have more people experience PTSD, because it’s stressful to be looked at as a criminal instead of a patient. So by the time they do catch up to the rest of the West’s view of drug laws, they will have a larger population of people to console.