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Centro de Excelencia Canabinoide

Aprimore seu conhecimento sobre a cannabis medicinal e melhore os cuidados que você oferece aos seus pacientes.. A Certificação Profissional Médica apresenta, em ordem seqüencial, uma série de 12 módulos de cursos destinados a informar o profissional médico sobre a estrutura legal do trabalho com pacientes de cannabis medicinal, os fundamentos da planta, a história, a descoberta e a ciência do Sistema Endocanabinóide , e como os receptores canabinóides trabalham em nosso corpo.


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Green Rush Consulting

Green Rush Consulting® offers comprehensive regulatory and business solutions to help entrepreneurs navigate through the complexities of the emerging legal cannabis industry.

GRC was founded in 2011 with the goal of fostering the development of an aboveground cannabis industry. We believe a professional marketplace that pairs regulated expert cultivation processes with the safe and knowledgeable manufacturing and distribution of products will ultimately help decrease underground competition, improve the image of cannabis in society, and provide greater access to quality medicine for patients.

Based in Oakland, CA, the epicenter of the industry, our commitment to the local community has been instrumental in building our extensive cannabis network. This industry is rooted in activism, a fact that continues to inform our business even as cannabis becomes mainstream. We are guided by our core values of Integrity, Innovation, Stewardship, Diversity, and Unity.

Elevated Education

At Elevated Education we are engaged in  the pursuit, development and delivery of pioneering cannabinoid focused curriculum.

With medical marijuana being legalized on a global scale, we are bridging the gap between dramatically increasing patient demand and the need for properly educated healthcare professionals.

N.E. Florida NORML

North East Florida’s chapter of NORML, is now offering the Medical Professional Marijuana Certification course.  NORML is the national organization who’s mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to serve as an advocate for consumers to assure they have access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.

The Movement Cannabusiness Forum

There are currently very few truly vetted experts in the cannabis space.  Many new and existing entrepreneurs have multiple growth needs unsatisfied due to this challenge. Our aim with the Movement Conference is to create a curated, safe place for professionals to collaborate and transact high level business dealings through a transcendent conference model. The 2 day conference is relationship-driven, experiential and result focused connecting vetted industry professionals in a productive environment.

Warriors New LIfe

Journey with us as we move forward, to become Ambassadors, and we welcome you to join us as a team, to get the word out to change the laws presently on the books that are keeping our Vets from getting the help they need and deserve. Nothing shall be hidden and we intend to make things right, because veterans have given you your freedom, now its time to pay it forward, and give them your ALL.

Committed to Your Cannabis Education

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