Your CE Source is a nonprofit organization dedicated to lifelong learning and quality improvement through education. We are a global health care learning institute offering a variety of educational tools, trainings, certifications and learning improvement resources for multiple professional settings

Your CE Source has been an accredited provider of continuing education credits for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals for over 25 years. The purpose of our Continuing Education Program is to enhance patient care through the development and implementation of evidence-based educational interventions that guide and support physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in their effort to increase their knowledge, skills and professional performance.

We work to develop alliances with educational partners to deliver learning experiences that address the educational needs underlying the identified professional practice gaps of our learners. We provide tools, services and support which are continually updated and modified to meet the strict guidelines of our accrediting entities, our educational partners and the target audience according to their needs for professional credit. Through our collaborative partnerships, we are able to encourage lifelong learning that positively impacts the delivery of care.
Please visit us a www.synaptiv.org for more information.

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