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Taking Cannabis Out of the Stoner Age

Sam Sabzehzar 2010-09-19 0 comments

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The Plant Medicine Expo & Healthcare Provider Seminar is taking place this September 25-26 and will focus exclusively ¬†on a clinical cannabis, a topic that has come up throughout the previous 11 years as TGI Healthworks, one of the nation’s ¬† ¬†leading companies ¬†in the formation and production of medical and pharmaceutical conferences, have seen this issue ¬† ¬†addressed in over 150 cities ¬†throughout America throughout the hundreds and hundreds of conferences they have ¬†produced but they have never been able to address it the way medical cannabis deserves.

Seth Ginsberg co-founded TGI Healthworks in his dorm room in 1999 and now travels throughout the country producing  and executing branded, measurable grassroots education events for patients, caregivers and healthcare  providers. Diagnosed with a degenerative form of arthritis (Spondyloarthropathy) at a young age, he found early on in life  how helping others heal is an essential role in his own healing process, as it helps him forget about the pain he  constantly  feels.

He also believes in a healthy and balanced diet, plenty of excercise, staying positive, as well as ¬†maintaining a ¬†productive ¬†relationship with your doctor. ¬†Often times he would encounter patients and physicians who ¬†wanted to learn more about ¬†cannabis as an effective form of ¬†therapy and, as Mr. Ginsberg puts it, “now is the time for this ¬†conversation… and this ¬†conversation will help take ¬†cannabis out of the stoner age,” he jokes. ¬†“We want to encourage as many people to attend this conference as possible so they can join us in the conversation, continue to learn about the emerging treatment options related to clinical cannabis, and share what they learn in their own communities to keep the dialogue alive.”

“…this conversation will help take cannabis out of the stoner age.”

– Seth Ginsberg, President & Co-Founder of TGI Healthworks

There is certainly a higher ¬†truth his joke, as the PME & HPC will be the first of its kind in the U.S. in that it is much more clinical and educational in nature and is geared toward the uninitiated who may be looking at medical cannabis for the first time and don’t know very much but also don’t feel entirely comfortable at other expos.

Physicians are also encouraged to attend, and there are a number of topics scheduled that are aimed to those who want to learn more about it from a physicians perspective. ¬†Mr. Ginsberg believes in providing a very “first-class” event, not just to help reduce the stereotypes of yesterday, but also because every elected official in the state of Colorado has been invited, from Denver City Council members to the Governor. ¬†“If physicians and lawmakers can attend a conference about ‘cannabis therapeutics’ they might change their mind about ‘medical marijuana’ when they go back to write laws or recommendations,” Seth explains.

There will be booths as well where you’ll find such notable groups as Cannabis Science and¬†Patients Out of Time, who put on a cannabis therapeutics conference of their own every two years and physicians and nurses in attendance are granted continuing education credits. ¬†Dr. Robert Melamede from Cannabis Science will also be a featured speaker.

Dr. Melamede talking to the press about the Endocannabindoid System

For Mr. Ginsberg, the importance of this platform of new information, some to be lectured about for the first time, is only part of the equation. ¬†“This is the conversation, but the real change is what will come from this… all across the board. ¬†An environment for learning with a language respectful of all viewpoints is just the first step.”

After hundreds of community educational programs and events ranging from an array of topics, the path was lit for a conference like this, but it is still just a small part, yet vital, part of the healing process. ¬†Having a balanced diet and giving your body regular exercise is also essential. ¬†Ironically, Dr. Melamede is calling cannabis an ‘essential nutrient’, as it contains cannabinoids that are essential to our body’s own endocannabinoid system.

Juicing the plant is one way of putting a high level of cannabinoids in our bodies without releasing the psychoactive properties of Delta-9 THC, but still giving us THC – one of the cannabinoids with a high efficacy rate of relief for a whole host of ailments. ¬†This may be why, as Michael Pollen points out in ‘The Botany of Desire,’ cannabis hasn’t gone away no matter how hard governments may try to get rid of it. ¬†The psychoactive elements are what made it popular and now that it is popular we know how important it is for us to consume it. ¬†Without it’s popularity, we may never have discovered how important it is for our body.

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