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Poll finds 90 percent of Ohioans want medical marijuana

Chris Nazarenus 2015-10-10 0 comments

Poll finds 90 percent of Ohioans want medical marijuana

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – New poll numbers released by Quinnipiac University show there is an upward trend of more Ohioans supporting marijuana legalization, particularly for medical use. This comes nearly a month before Buckeyes will head to the polls on Election Day to decide on several state issues involving marijuana, legalization amendment (Issue 3) and anti-monopoly amendment (Issue 2).

The poll found that 53 percent of Ohioans support personal marijuana use, with more men wanting to see the drug legalized and women split down the middle. Quinnipiac also discovered the younger demographic (18-34) of voters tend to have more support for legalization with 70 percent saying yes and 30 percent saying no. This is compared to the older demographic over 65-year-old where 64 percent oppose marijuana legalization.

As for medical marijuana legalization, 90 percent of Ohioans say they would vote yes.

Wright State Political Science Professor, Lee Hannah is not surprised by the support.

“We’ve seen 23 states adopt this (medical marijuana) since 1966 and the sky hasn’t fallen,” Hannah explained. “I think as more states are learning from others and adapting their policies to make them safer and presumably better-getting it to the right people, the people who need it, and preventing it from people who don’t– that there’s more buy in and more people support it.”

ResponsibleOhio applauded the latest poll. Executive Director Ian James said,


Quinnipiac’s poll has validated what we’ve known by talking to voters all over this state–the majority of Ohioans want marijuana legalization. Ohioans want to legalize adult personal use of marijuana and to provide medical marijuana for the compassionate care of the chronically ill. – Ian Jame


Meanwhile, oppositions is striking back with a blitz of media advertisement against Issue 3. Locally, the DREAM Coalition, made up of several organizations, has been pushing its education efforts, which includes a major digital billboard advertisement on I-75. Statewide, an organization pushing ‘No on 3’ will be airing its first television advertisement against legalizing marijuana.