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Popularity Of Medical Marijuana, State By State: Here Are The Stats

audioburst 2015-12-29 0 comments


now so other interesting the the book this down by state, to figure out which states had the most signatures her ten thousand residents and coming in number one with Steve Montana with thirty three point four signatures per ten thousand but I’m proud to say the state of Oregon insect it with thirty one point one so a lot of people in Oregon supporting marijuana legalization in the way the break this down, it shows also whether


or not the state was the red state were a blue state in the two thousand twelve election and colour codes the names of the state’s by whether or not they have medical or recreational laws interestingly enough of the top ten states with the most signatures for illegals nation only one didn’t have the medical recreation a law that one was I go Idaho made the top ten pretty amazing now so look at the bottom ten and


Mississippi was the state least likely to have people sign thing in support of legalization, but interestingly enough of the top third ten of those states word were Democratic states of the bottom third ten of those street states are Democratic states that didn’t seem to have much political poll there and even when it came to the medical or recreational marijuana laws the top third had ten states was just such laws the bottom third had eight states with medical marijuana laws


we also get a breakdown of per county in per area again Ben’s in Oregon a county the second greatest county support we in Virginia had the most signatures actually breaking one percent one percent of the residence Bloomsburg Virginia was a hundred nine point four per ten thousand residents of Williams Virginia signed on to those we the people , states are polls excuse me also looking about throughout


this the top ten changed quite a bit throughout the different years Montana was number one in twenty eleven Colorado was number one in twenty twelve and surprisingly Maine was number one in twenty thirteen misery number one in twenty fourteen but nice to say that in all those years except twenty twelve Oregon was number two Oregon was number three in twenty twelve and it just really know now that the past legalization in twenty fifteen were in the bottom ten forty-five,