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Japanese Cannabis Folklore Course


Cannabis Woven Into Japanese Culture, New And Old

Arriving in Japan almost 40,000 years ago, cannabis has been a core agricultural crop in Japan for over 12,000 years, found today in everything from religious symbols to a popular motif in modern Japan.

The Japanese Cannabis Folklore Course, co-developed by MM411 and the Taima (Cannabis) Museum of Japan, is the first of its kind anywhere in English. This is truly a ground-breaking course – most Japanese people aren’t even aware of this subject matter, due to the suppression and stigma of information about cannabis in Japan since the plant was made illegal by American occupying forces at the end of WWII.

This 11 module course will take you on a journey of the many facets of cannabis woven into Japanese culture, new and old. Presented in easy-to-understand, non-technical terms, the course discusses the history of cannabis in Japan, how cannabis is traditionally cultivated and found in daily life in everything from cloth, food, traditional medicine, poetry and symbols of purity and health in Japanese Shinto and Buddhist religions.

For people interested in the untold story of the history, wellness and symbolism that cannabis has in traditional Japanese culture, the Japanese Cannabis Folklore Course is full of surprising discoveries.

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  • Module 1 – Cannabis Defined In Japan
    Scientific・Nomenclature・Legal ・The Plant
  • Module 2 – Cannabis History In Japan
    12,000 Years Ago To Modern Times
  • Module 3 – Cannabis Cultivation In Japan
    From Seed to Harvest
  • Module 4 – Cannabis & Clothing
    Cannabis Cloth Lifestyle
  • Module 5 -Cannabis & The Shinto Religion
    Purity, The Emperor And It’s Disappearance
  • Module 6 – Cannabis & Buddhism
    Food, Statues, Torches, Rituals & Zen
  • Module 7 – Cannabis & Traditional Uses
    Mosquitos Nets, Ninja Training & More
  • Module 8 – Cannabis & Food
    Superfood, Traditional Recipes & Bird Food
  • Module 9 – Cannabis & Chinese Medicine
    Herbal Medicine & Cannabis Seed Remedies
  • Module 10 – Cannabis Leaf Pattern
    Art, Theatre, Fashion & Architecture

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