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Question to the President via Facebook: Can You Please Pardon the Patients?

Daily Dose 2011-04-20 0 comments

Facebook co-founder Sean Parker donated $100,000 to California’s Prop 19, a proposition that would’ve legalized marijuana.

Much like the Shafer Report was supposed to help with the first time cannabis was placed into Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, President Obama has often repeated rhetoric that supports medical marijuana.

Facebook and Obama become friends with the nation and hold an online Town Hall meeting on a day known to many as a day to celebrate cannabis.

So why would Obama not allow questions to be voted on as with his previous online meeting via YouTube?

The most often asked question seems to be the one he appears most unwilling to answer and is forced to repeat: he is opposed to legalization outright, though he has stated many times that it is a waste of our country’s resources to go after cannabis that is used for medical purposes.  In essence, President Obama has already declared publicly that marijuana has medicinal value.

Well, if you are not going to answer these questions during your Facebook Town Hall meeting, will bring the question to you, Mr. President:

Do you believe marijuana should remain a Schedule I drug legally, having no medicinal value, and if not, what are you going to do to change policy so that we can reduce the number of innocent victims of a drug war that should absolutely not include medical marijuana patients and providers in its crosshairs?

This is my question, President Obama. And I expect a gathering crowd is heading your way to demand an answer to it.

There are many sitting in jail today, or sitting at home without safe access to the medicine they need, feeling much like political prisoners do: exiled by state-sanctioned social injustice that threatens the very core of our Democratic fabric as a free nation. Please, Mr. President! Pardon those patients in federal jail who were not allowed a medical defense in a federal trial. Sign an Executive Order changing the botanical plant, cannabis, out of Schedule I. If the capital punishment laws can be arrested for the sake of the innocent, than shouldn’t all laws waiting review for their final judgment that threaten the freedoms of our great nation?

I applaud you, President Obama, for using social media to reach a new generation. The mainstream media will repeat it and you’ve surely added a larger audience to your reach. But please be advised that if you control the language too much by attempting to censor subject matter that you’re not willing to face the music on, you’ll find that the kids are alright and they’re getting ready to turn that music up.