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Retired Superior Court Judge Calls Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative 'Historic'

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-09-03 0 comments

Judge James P. Gray, who has spoken and written for almost two decades on the failure of the drug war, has now put his name and brain behind California’s most recent marijuana regulation effort, the ‘Regulate Marijuana Like Wine’ Initiative.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  September 3, 2011

Retired Superior Court Judge James Gray, believes the cannabis plant and the grapes on the vine should be regulated similarly. (Photo credit:

Newport Beach Vineyard & Winery donated their services, and many bottles of wine, in celebration and to fundraise for the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative.

In this video, Retired Superior Court Judge James Gray shares why this initiative is historic, and why he supports the regulation of marijuana, and why regulating it like wine makes the most sense right now.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (CA-R), Retired Superior Court Judge James P. Gray, and Retired LAPD Deputy Chief Stephen Downing all spoke from their own perspectives as to why marijuana should be regulated.

For more information, please visit the initiatives website at