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Second Day of Prelim Reveals Several Contradictions in Prosecution's Arguments

Rich 2011-02-09 0 comments

In the second day of Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron’s preliminary hearing, several of prosecuting attorney Ryan Dibble’s witnesses contradicted Dibble’s previous witness when yesterday’s undercover officer would not, under oath, admit any other benefits were received by members of the defendant’s collectives.

Today’s undercover detectives spouted out benefits such as job placement programs, free wheelchairs, free wheelchair access build-outs, free painting at patients homes, free on-site nurse that would immunize (also for free) their members and perform other heath care provider duties to the capacity that were available.

Also admitted by the Dibble’s own witness was that these were, in fact, benefits; an admission yesterday’s that the prosecution’s witness refused to agree to under oath.

There was another setback for Dibble as he failed to notify another one of his witnesses, who worked at one of the collectives and was fired for not abiding by their rules and regulations, that he would be open to penalties if he admitted to selling medical cannabis under federal law while working at the collective. After admitting this made the witness nervous there was a short recess and he was appointed another attorney and ultimately invoked his 5th Amendment right.

There was an offer by Dibble to possibly grant the disgruntled ex-exmployee immunity.  We will find out soon enough just how far Dibble and the rest of Cooleu’s cohorts will go on as this case unfurls.

At this point, our media request was granted but no video will be allowed. will be covering this case as it unfolds.  You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates as well.