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Sen. Mark Leno Supports Mother and Medical Cannabis Patient in CPS Case

Sam Sabzehzar 2013-01-31 0 comments

In the first part of this clip, Sen. Mark Leno expresses his support for Daisy Bram, mother of 3, who is fighting CPS to retain custody of her children.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  January 31, 2013

Sen. Mark Leno expresses his passions for drug policy reform.

Senator Mark Leno shared a stage with a rare mama bear at the California NORML 100 Year War on Cannabis Conference in San Francisco this January.

Daisy Bram is fighting CPS to keep her kids, and in his speech, Sen. Leno begins by stating his support for the mother and medical cannabis patient who is facing multiple CPS cases in multiple counties due to one investigator, Eric Clay, who has moved jobs in attempts to continue chasing after Ms. Bram.

Her case captured the attention of Senator Mark Leno at the NORML Conference, who shared a panel with Michael Levinsohn, the attorney for Ms. Bram, who sat next to his client while she shared her story with an audience that felt more like family.

After thanking Mr. Levinsohn for taking Daisy’s case Pro Bono, Sen. Leno went on to offer Daisy Bram his support, saying “your family will be brought back together,” and even taking a dig at Butte and Tehama County officials who are ripping apart a family while claiming to support family values.