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Study: North Dakota College Students Consuming Less Alcohol, More Cannabis

Daily Dose 2011-04-08 0 comments

Drinking games are an encouraging way to binge drink, but college students are wising up to the dangers associated with alcohol, especially compared to cannabis use.

After a study involving almost 4,000 North Dakota college students throughout twelve college campuses revealed alcohol use is decreasing while cannabis use is on the rise, according to the Associated Press.

Jane Frisch, the study coordinator, likens drug education as having an impact.

Sensible drug use is noticeable due to the decrease in students having five or more drinks in one sitting, which went from 51 to 48%.

Likewise, with the consensus that cannabis use is a safer substance to consume, North Dakota college students seem to be as smart as their collegiate title implies, as the study shows that smoking marijuana is on the rise, at about 24 percent.

This trend reversal is seen throughout the country as more states see rise in medical marijuana users and more education becomes available to our youth.

Parents who would’ve otherwise preferred booze to pot are seeing their children make the smarter choice by consumer the safer substance.