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Raid of Cannabis Oil Laboratory Prompts Peru Cannabis Legalization


Peru’s conservative Congress recently voted to legalize medicinal cannabis oil. The raid on a production facility is what led to Peru cannabis legalization.
October 24, 2017Lane Trachy
Dianne Feinstein canabis challenger


Will incumbent California Senator Dianne Feinstein cannabis policies hurt her against challenger Kevin de León in her bid for reelection?
October 19, 2017Lane Trachy
class action dispensary lawsuit


Most people know that cannabis wont kill you. Most people know cannabis is not highly addictive. Most people would say that cannabis is a much less harmful drug than say, heroin, or fentanyl. Unfortunately for American citizens, the federal government doesn't agree with most people. What Does Schedule One Mean? The federal ... Read More
July 25, 2017Lane Trachy


Recently, Greece became the sixth country in the European Union to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, joining Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain as the few European countries who allow legal medical marijuana. Details of the Legalization In a press conference announcing the news, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ... Read More
July 6, 2017Lane Trachy


Jeff Sessions recent testimony regarding his involvement in the Russian investigation was described by Independent Senator Angus King as “really, really disturbing.” As each day passes, Sessions seems less likely to remain the Attorney General. It is in the best interest of all Americans that Sessions is forced to resign. ... Read More
June 14, 2017Lane Trachy
house passes cannabis bill


It has always been widespread knowledge that working in the cannabis industry is dangerous in many different ways. From the threat of federal interference to the threat of robbery, there are many things to worry about when operating a state legal cannabis business. The biggest worry for most members of ... Read More
May 18, 2017Lane Trachy
class action dispensary lawsuit


Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R-Al.) has had a tumultuous first few months in office. He has already had to recuse himself from an investigations into ties between the Trump campaign, for which he served as a surrogate, and Russia. He has also faced large-scale calls for his resignation due to ... Read More
May 16, 2017Lane Trachy
Cyber Attack On Medical Marijuana Database


Social Security Numbers and Identifying Information Exposed Cyber Attack On Medical Marijuana Database - RENO — Thousands of medical marijuana agent applications for people looking to run a dispensary were exposed online, according to a statement from the Nevada Division of Public Behavioral Health. In a statement sent Wednesday evening, the state ... Read More
December 30, 2016Daily Dose


Sheriff Darren White talks about why he changed his mind about marijuana Former medical marijuana opponent and Bernalillo County, New Mexico sheriff Darren White is now both a patient himself and helping run a medical marijuana producer.  
February 27, 2016Andrew Bohan