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After Colorado Republican Representative Cindy Acree mislead the public about medical marijuana in edible form by referencing products that were never actually found in Colorado, and not one was even on any medical cannabis market in any state within the last five years, the focus of ... Read More
March 6, 2011Daily Dose


Published in NECN.com A lawyer says he'll consider appealing to the Michigan Supreme Court after drug charges were reinstated against an Owosso man who was growing medical marijuana outdoors in a dog kennel. Matthew Abel says the appeals court decision is "blatantly wrong." He says many ... Read More
February 25, 2011Daily Dose


By Josh Harkinson | Published in OCNorml In February, 2009, the US Department of Justice announced that it would no longer raid medical marijuana  dispensaries that abided by state laws, sparking a boom in quasi-legal cannabis investments that I detail today in  "Joint Ventures" (my feature from the ... Read More
February 16, 2011Rich



My War on Drugs

My Story. Maria Mills Greenfield Imagine watching your adult child suffer from a debilitating handicap. Imagine having to treat that child with handfuls of dangerous pharmaceuticals. Then, imagine researching and realizing that there was a safer, non-addictive, non-lethal treatment that has been documented to provide dramatic results in ... Read More
January 29, 2011Rich


Creating an idea that an entire movement can support while pulling in those from outside a movement to support your cause is where the War on Drugs finds it's adversary.  Meanwhile the foot soldiers in the war are still snickering like a 5th grader who hears the word penis in ... Read More
January 21, 2011Sam Sabzehzar


Oregon boasts the country's cheapest pot, with the price of a high quality ounce running $259.13, according to PriceofWeed.com, a site that uses crowd-sourcing methodology to track marijuana prices around the country. (Anonymous users who buy the drug on the street input what they paid — and for how much ... Read More
December 9, 2010Daily Dose


The end of cannabis prohibition is near. How can one tell? When the beneficiaries of the  status quo—both prohibitionists and  contrabandists—join together to actively oppose long  sought alternatives to America’s  expensive, unsuccessful, anti-free market and Constitution-  warping cannabis prohibition,  then it is clear that change is upon us The close loss might have ... Read More
December 7, 2010Daily Dose


Senator  Rory  J.  Respicio  (D‐Agana  Hts)  issued  a  letter  to  US  Attorney Alicia Limtiaco Wednesday, requesting confirmation of her office’s policy on the use of medical marijuana  as  regulated  by  local  governments. Respicio  writes  in  light  of  news  reports  that Federal Prosecutor Fred Black commented on the issue, saying that if ... Read More
December 6, 2010Daily Dose


The medical marijuana community may have been divided on California's Prop 19, but they were very much united in their efforts to defeat one of their most vocal opponents of medicinal marijuana, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley for California's Attorney General race against Kamala Harris. In a narrow back and ... Read More
November 24, 2010Sam Sabzehzar