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Teen Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers Offer Different Methods, Practices

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-10-01 0 comments

There are many treatment methods that deal with the disease of addiction, but before we rush our loved ones into one, it’s also important that we understand the difference between drug use and drug abuse, and where the patient is and where they want to go.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  Oct 1, 2011

There is actually no need for marijuana users to seek treatment at, especially when they use the substance for medicinal reasons

With many parents concerned that medical marijuana science may trump marijuana prohibition policy, it’s also important that parents and those who experience loved ones dealing with addiction to also have support.

Treatment can be a very important process for those that experience the disease of addiction, and the proper form of treatment is the key to understanding recovery and healing from the inside out.

There are also alternative treatment centers that offer a variety of methods.

But it’s important that we don’t push people into treatment who do not need it.

There are many court-mandated treatment centers that act as a revolving door for the courts and the business of healing, which is not the same as healing the source of addiction once it is addressed.

Drug use is not the same as abuse, and there is not a uniform path for all persons.

South Park recently aired an episode where Butters is misdiagnosed through a checklist that fit the description of a kid, not a problem child, but was prescribed medication regardless.

Be sure that the ones you are trying to help are actually asking for it. If not, the source of the disease may not be fully addressed, or perhaps their use is medicinal, for cannabis, and while the learning curve of medical cannabis has not been fully experienced it is not safe to treat others as if they are the ones with a ‘problem.’

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