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The Dream Team and The Green Team Winning in the Courtroom

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-12-02 1 comment

Through ‘objections’ and barely cross-examining the prosecution’s first witness, Defense Attorneys for Joe Byron and Joe Grumbine have virtually assured a non-guilty verdict, although the case may be thrown out before a verdict comes down.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  December 2, 2011

With the seats filled with supporters wearing the Human Solution Solidarity Ribbons, and with the ribbons seen on cafeteria workers and surrounding business employees, the case against two local saints may soon be dismissed.

In what has become quite a swell of support, the persecution of two upstanding and inspirational citizens has created an outrage in the local community and people as far as Kern County are driving in to show their solidarity for two medical cannabis dispensing center Board of Directors being charged for something the prosecution’s first witness has already deemed “legal.”

The back-and-forth between lead detective in Oscar Valenzuela and Chris Glew, one-half of the dream team, along with Allison Margolin, has picked apart the very thread the fabric of lies was woven with.

On the stand, attorney Chris Glew during his cross-examination of Det. Valenzuela, who proudly stated he “lied through his teeth”, admitted to┬áperjury, and admitted he was not a qualified expert on medical marijuana as it related to the effects on the body, but rather has taken a class on the eradication of medical marijuana dispensaries put on by the police department and LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley, who has had a personal vendetta against safe access dispensing centers for qualified medical marijuana patients in California.

Another admission by Valenzuela is that there is a legal way to operate a medical cannabis dispensing center but his “expertise” was failing him on the stand and could not remember how.

He was also unaware any physician can write a recommendation, and do, including those from Stanford, Cedar-Sinai, Harvard, and many other highly regarding medical facilities.

It appears the prosecution is set to throw their lead witness and lead detective in the case under the bus if today gathers the same momentum the green team has helped create outside during the daily rallies, and inside in solidarity with both Joe’s and the dream team defending them.

To hear Oscar Valenzuela “lie through his teeth” (his words) as he intimates, threatens and harasses another witness in order to get him to change his story, click here.

And to hear the conversation the witness had with a private investigator click here.

1 comment

  1. Lavonne

    For many whom are on this case.. and showing support in the court house and outside of the court house… my support also has been with you from the very start… but not in person….

    There are many cases just like this one that is facing the courts behind this issue.. and it seems more are to come.. but in the mean time.. i hope that this will be over before the holidays.. so that Joe and Joe’s and their family will be able to celebrate a new life… from this one..

    I do not wish anyone to go to court just for utalizing a plant that many benifit for medical proposes.. and change is right around the courner..
    No matter how people may think of others .. we all come from diffrent walks of life and diffrent opions, and diffrent views on many issues.. including the way we believe and look on our surroundings that surround us on a daily basics..

    I have alwasy supported Joe in this issue.. and still do.. for if he wins,, he wins for everyone ..and others will follow behind him in the court house..

    But even though i see things on a diffrent light than many, on this issue.. i can not change the laws that are statute.. but those whom face the courts on this issue can set presendent on this issue.. and i honestly do hope that this change will come about… for there are many, thousands of citizens whom are part of the cannabis community are in need.. and not everyone can grow their own.. and this would be wonderful to have store fronts to provide a safe place for them to obtain…

    Joe and Liz.. my prayers have alwasy been with you .. no matter what personal issues you may have with me.. I will always love the both of you.. stay strong.. for this storm is almost over.. and the sun will shine again…
    Happy Holidays to come… and may a present from God set you free..
    love always…