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The Fringe of Society

Rich 2011-03-23 0 comments

By Joe Grumbine | Published in  The Human Solution


Joe Grumbine (center) moderates a town hall-style meeting in Long Beach at the Gay and Lesbian Center. (Photo credit: Medical Marijuana 411)

I was informed today that the reason the AG is not going to drop charges against me for “grand theft aluminum can” is because I operate on the fringe of society.

This is a reference to my MMJ collective that I was also arrested for. And maybe because I actually live on the fringe of humanity.

At the end of a dirt road and all. For all you that are unfamiliar with this slice of my reality, I’ll give it up in a nutshell.

December 17 I was raided by Long Beach PD and the Impact task force they tore up my house, stuck a gun in my wife and daughter’s face and left big stinky bowel movements in every single one my toilets and didn’t have the courtesy to flush any of them.

February 2010 I let a friend “Donaldo” use a piece of my land to park his truck and bring in recyclables to sort and haul.

August 2010 while I was walking with Donaldo looking for a spot to store some auto batteries to be recycled, Several SUV’s pulled behind my property and men with black suits got out and brandished machine guns and shotguns. A helicopter rose from the hillside and began to circle low.

As I walked to the front of the property I was stopped and handcuffed, then accused of stealing money from the state. Turns out the guys in addition to scrapping old equipment and batteries, and wire, were bringing in cans from Arizona and recycling them in Ca.

I still didn’t get it till after hours of questioning; (now mind you I was sure they were going to figure out that this was all a mistake and let me go) these guys were serious. Over 30 armed agents DOJ, ICE, and others went through my house and held my wife, daughter, and 2 grandchildren captive for hours.

Before they entered the house they had their guns drawn and battering rams poised to destroy the door. My wife yelled you don’t have to do that it’s open. Fortunately, they didn’t break the door and knock over my infant grandson.

They announced, “We’re not here for what you think” then began to tear the place apart. I was in the house for a portion of the search. I couldn’t figure out what they were looking for. They found the medicine but kept searching.

At one point, a particularly “thick” officer asked me a question about his dying lavender. I answered, I think they know you have an evil soul and just gave up. He shut up.

Nonetheless I was taken into Riverside county jail and given 500k bail. Ultimately was released OR. Since that time My Atty Chris Glew decided to help out “pro bono” I’m sure he wasn’t thinking this was going to drag on at all.

Since that time I have been to court 7 more times and the AG has offered me a plea deal of a misdemeanor, probation but I have been inside and seen how so many people are in jail and prison for probation violations.

And so many millions of dollars are harvested by the “enhanced collection” dept of the justice system. I’m not guilty of anything and refuse to plead to a crime that I didn’t commit. Today I had a substitute atty file a motion to continue my case and he asked in private “why do you have a hard on for this guy?”

The response was “well do you really think he had nothing to do with it? He operates on the “fringe” of society. Referencing my work with MMJ patients and my collective. Obviously their research never shed light on the people I’ve helped, the kids I’ve raised, and the property I’ve turned into an oasis in the desert at my own hand not from “profit” from wrongdoings.

This confirmed my suspicion that I have been targeted and that this fight is more noble and worthy than just on its own merit. This needs to stop!

In a time when our budget is overextended to the point of collapse, we are prosecuting and persecuting those that have only helped make this world a better place.

While at the same time ignoring obvious corruption and violent crime all around. I welcome mankind to wake up, shake the cobwebs off and today make the decision to make a difference!

Just try it.


Joe Grumbine has a two court dates this week, the second to take place in Long Beach this Friday at 8:30 am and all are encourage to attend and show your support.