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The Proof Is Smiling Right In Front Of You

Daily Dose 2011-05-06 0 comments

By Catrina Coleman |  May 6, 2011

Henry's shirt gets a bit of attention at Six Flags: "Marijuana Heals" by The Human Solution. (Photo credit: Catrina Coleman)

I’m still new to cannabis, I’m not a hippie from the 60’s and I didn’t grow up using it. I was taught like so many others that it would hurt you, not heal you.

To see someone’s health so significantly changed, so dramatically enhanced, so SAVED with a plant that is STILL ILLEGAL, throws my average suburban living housewife and mother-of-three-don’t-drink-don’t-smoke-self, for a loop.

Looking at this child’s smile will brighten my day, but this time I allow myself a few tears and I get angry too!

Doctors sent Mieko Perez home to say goodbye to her little boy, Joey, and told her he had 6 months to live. This was after ten years of pills the doctors gave him prior to telling Mieko her son was going to die.

Shortly after, she turned to cannabis.

And now, well, LOOK at him! All of this from a plant? Really?!

They lied and he almost died because of it.

People have lost, and still lose their children because of supposed, “child abuse” when this plant is found in their home, yet that is not what comes up when I google search “children/overdose”. Go ahead, search it yourself.

Another great picture of Joey smiling, and I think, “he looks so happy and healthy! I hope the whole world sees this!” But…wasn’t this child scheduled to go home and die, not too long ago?

Wasn’t he a lost cause they gave up on, and sent home to be yet another statistic that our current medicine, science, and doctors couldn’t explain? Yes, he was. Man! I hope everyone realizes that when they see this kid’s smile.

It’s all so crazy that I can’t help but cry a little bit and ask myself out loud…this is all because of a plant? Really? Catrina, is this really what you’re seeing? I’m not religious but, this is a miracle, and truly, a miracle plant.

He’s still alive and smiling not because of some sort of life sucking chemotherapy, or outrageously damaging and mysterious batch of pills.

This is just because of a plant. One that grows on the earth so prolifically that it’s labelled, a weed.

We don’t need politicians, doctors, scientists, or friends and loved ones to tell us pot is good, we don’t need anything but our own silly little brains and a bit of common sense to see the proof, smiling right in front of us.