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The Vote To Keep Fear Alive

Daily Dose 2010-11-03 0 comments

Keeping Fear Alive in 2010

I believe the medical marijuana community deserved better results on the ballot measures this year, but it has been a strange year.

I have chosen to go with the Keep Fear Alive theme (opposed to the Restore Sanity theme I had been hoping to report) to describe the results.

Many people will put a positive spin on the election, but people, I got to speak about something…

I do not like how medical marijuana patients (and marijuana users in general) are treated in this country.

Despite the increased normalization of medical marijuana and the trend towards ending marijuana prohibition, grown adults – news anchors and pundits – on television can’t discuss marijuana without sounding like a bunch of school kids giggling in sex education class.

“Oh, someone said marijuana – woooooh, like crazy 60’s hippies, man… is someone feeling a contact high? giggle giggle”

And nobody calls them on it. It’s just embarrassing. Grown adults laughing in their ignorance.

This plant is serious medicine for people with very serious medical conditions. I’ve experienced it in my own life and seen it in the lives of many others. For us, life is not an endless Cheech and Chong movie. For us, like everyone else, our health is very serious business.

Anyway – that’s my pet peeve from watching the election returns on television yesterday… thank goodness I won’t be doing that again soon.

Post-Election Wrap-Up

The Good News...

As it stands right now, Kamala D. Harris is ahead of  Steve Cooley for the Attorney General’s office in California by 9030 votes. The provisional and late absentee ballots are still being counted.

You can find the latest updates here:

The Bad News…

Arizona and South Dakota should both have medical marijuana laws now, but they don’t. Fear won in South Dakota and Arizona.

Oregon was  more of a “Kept Fear Alive and/or Maintained Sanity” state. Fear of the dreaded “California-style” dispensary situation kept medical marijuana from getting closer to social normalization. But it is Oregon, and by nature I think they are always trying to Maintain Sanity.

California – my home state… very conflicted to say the least.

Proposition 19 just wasn’t the law that the voters wanted. That’s OK… the medical marijuana laws were not affected by the outcome of the ballot proposition.

Here’s the numbers:

ArizonaKept Fear Alive

Proposition 203 – New Medical Marijuana StateVoted NO

Yes: 49.74% with 657,667 votes
No:  50.26% with 664,609 votes

CaliforniaKept Fear Alive/ Maintained Sanity (Medical Marijuana Laws Unchanged)

Proposition 19 – Legalize Marijuana for AdultsVoted NO

Yes: 46.1% with 3,424,145 votes
No:  53.9% with 3,994,442 votes

Not Cooley for Attorney General – Attorney General Election – Results Still Pending – 11/3/2010 – 9:16pm


100% precincts reported – provisional and late absentee ballots still to be counted

9030 vote difference

Kamala D. Harris (Dem) – 45.9%
Steve Cooley (Rep) – 45.8%

OregonKept Fear Alive / Maintained Sanity (Medical Marijuana Laws Unchanged)

Measure 74 – Clarify/Modify Existing Medical Marijuana LawsVoted NO

Yes: 43.84% with 591,384 votes
No:  56.16% with 757,640 votes

South DakotaKept Fear Alive

Measure 13 – New Medical Marijuana StateVoted NO

Yes: 36.69% with 115,641 votes
No:  63.61% with 199,561 votes

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DISCLAIMER: This is not a political ad, nor is in any way associated with The Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear. This graphic used at the top of this posting was created by Jon, onehumanbeing for, and is based on the poster which was used by the previously mentioned Rally…