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Third Annual Freedom Fighters Festival: Putting the Unity in Community

Daily Dose 2011-05-21 0 comments

Freedom Fighters Festival III will take place Saturday, May 28 at Willow Creek Springs. (Artwork by Catrina Coleman)

How serendipitous that the 3rd Annual Freedom Fighters Festival at Willow Creek Springs would be align perfectly with Joe Grumbine’s case in Long Beach.

Last year, Ronnie Naulls was the beneficiary of the event will be at this year’s event, to take place next Saturday, May 28.

The all-day event will include music, speakers, face-painting, live entertainment, and prizes and begins at 11 a.m.

Many medical marijuana groups and advocates are expected to attend, including Americans for Safe Access, OC NORML, Landa Prison Outreach Program, Project CBD, The Human Solution, Medical Marijuana 411, and many more.

Speakers include Cannabinomics author Christopher Fichtner, UF4A’s Mieko Perez, Stephanie Landa, Sarah Diesel, Bill Britt, Allison Margolin, Chris Glew, Sam Sabzehzar, and Joe Grumbine, among others.