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UC Researchers Report on 14 Studies

Daily Dose 2011-01-11 0 comments

From Americans For Safe Access

UC Researchers, winners of the 2010 Earth Awards, issue a medical cannabis report on the 10-year program.

In February, university researchers funded by the state of California reported on the 14 studies of medical cannabis they had conducted, confirming that the drug is uniquely effective for relieving neuropathic pain and reducing muscle spasms, among other conditions.

The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research issued a report on the 10-year program as part of its mandate by the state legislature, which established the center to fund and coordinate research at campuses of the University of California.

Results of only five of the 14 studies have been published, with a sixth done but not yet published.

Pain relief was the focus of many of the double-blind placebo-controlled studies in the $8.7-million research effort.