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Wheelchair-bound Medical Marijuana Patient Uses Cannabis in State that Treats her Like Criminal

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-08-25 0 comments

With a myriad of medical conditions and symptoms, Tonya Davis uses cannabis in edible form mostly, and finds relief from most of her ailments.

With sever arthritis, thyroid issues, back and spinal chord injuries, and most recently, calcium deposit buildup, Ms. Davis’ use of medical cannabis helps her survive, and thrive!

Medical Marijuana 411 caught up to Ms. Davis in Seattle, where she was invited to speak at the world’s largest hemp and cannabis festival, Seattle Hempfest, where upwards of 300,000 people gathered over the weekend.

Tonya Davis shares her most recent brain scan with Medical marijuana 411 in Seattle at the 20th Anniversary of Hempfest. (Photo credit: