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Where Are The Benefits of the Drug War?

Sam Sabzehzar 2012-10-29 0 comments

By Dean Becker  |  Published in

Dean Becker sitting in the LEAP Car on the Caravan For Peace.

What have we derived from the policy of drug prohibition that offsets the horrible blowback?

Is it possible to ignore the 70,000+ dead and the tens of thousands disappeared in Mexico?

How about the more than 40 millions US citizens, whose futures are forever constrained, saddled with a criminal record for doing no more than their current President did in his youth.

Forty years of Drug War? A century is more like it. A trillion dollars flushed down the drain in an attempt to stop the flow of drugs.

Over this same time, 10 trillion dollars have been accumulated by criminals around the world who dared to continue the flow.

Billions of dollars laundered and no one is arrested. The Drug War corrupts politicians, judges and police, and infects society in every-growing ways.

Fear gives the drug war life. Without the murder, madness and mayhem of this modern day witch hunt, we could once again return to a more free living society. We do not arrest the alcoholic and we should not arrest any one else that has a drug abuse problem, nor criminalize every drug-using adult. We do not need to destroy their futures or take away their status as full citizens if they do no harm to others. We have laws that protect us from people’s actions if they inflict violence or harm and those laws will continue to protect us, and better when we free up our police forces from enforcing drug prohibition.

Drug War corruption is a global problem. It empowers terrorists who dare grow the flowers we fear. The Drug War enriches barbarous Drug Cartels inside every border. This prohibition gives reason for more than 30,000 violent gang here in the United States alone, purpetuating a drug war against a U.S. population through an illicit drug market controlled by an illicit gun market.

Where are the benefits? Which is the greater threat, drugs or the Drug War?


Dean Becker is one of the original members of LEAP, and a reporter anchored at KPFT, Houston’s Pacifica radio station, 90.1 FM. Mr. Becker produces 9 radio programs each week for the Drug Truth Network, (7) three minute reports: the “4:20 Drug War NEWS” and (2) half-hour programs: Cultural Baggage and Century of Lies where he interview judges, congressmen, scientists, Nobel laureates, cops, wardens, prisoners, priests, patients and providers. His programs feature reports from around the world on the US mandated, world “control’ of the drugs supply. As a LEAP speaker, Dean reaches dozens of fraternal organizations, college seminars, church groups and other organizations each year.