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Willie Nelson's Teapot Party Leans a Little to the Left

Daily Dose 2011-04-25 0 comments

As we gear up to do our civic duty to elect our next round of politicians, Medical Marijuana 411 follows up with Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party, which begin to take shape after Willie, who was on the road again, was pulled over and arrested in Texas for possession of cannabis.

Following his arrest, one of the heroes on the hemp and marijuana movement made the declaration: “Tax it, regulate it and legalize it! Stop the border wars over drugs. Why should the drug lords make all the money? Thousands of lives will be saved.”

Not that the federal government needs to be asked by an industry to be taxed, which they are trying to do regardless of the Controlled Substances Act and subsequent classification of cannabis, but none the less a little push by one of biodiesel’s best spokesmen is a little funny since Mr. Nelson has found the he and the IRS hadn’t always agreed on tax remittence.

The following is from, the site that was launched after the wily one’s remarks:

Willie Nelson was busted in Texas for possessing marijuana on Nov. 26, 2010.

Since then, Willie clarified the focus of the party. “The purpose of the Teapot Party is to vote in people who believe the way we do,” he stated, “and vote out the ones who don’t.”

With that in mind, we’ve embarked on a campaign to find candidates to support in upcoming elections.

So far we’ve made four endorsement and there will be many more to come. We encourage Teapot Party supporters to use this site to their advantage.

Learn who we’re supporting, read the latest blogs, find out what’s happening in the marijuana-reform community, order free stickers, buy Teapot Party merchandise, keep up with our Facebook and Twitter feeds and upcoming events, such as rallies and meet-ups.

With your support, we can make a difference by ending cannabis prohibition in our lifetimes. Please send donations to the candidates of your choice.

Then go out and “vote in people who believe the way we do and vote out the ones who don’t,” just like Willie says.

If your local elections have a cannabis-friendly candidate, please let and The Tea Pot Party know and use your new media tools to help spread as much information as possible with as many people as possible.