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Ziggy Marley to release his first graphic novel; Marijuana Man

Daily Dose 2011-04-08 0 comments

By Diane Davies |  Published in The Examiner

Ziggy Marley has put down the mic and picked up a pen, the musician is set to release his first graphic novel later this month.

Marley made an appearance at WonderCon to introduce his upcoming graphic novel, ‘Marijuana Man.’

The aptly titled comic will drop on 4/20. As we already know, the man believes in the power of hemp and ‘Marijuana Man’ showcases this belief. Marley says he, ‘created the character and created the story around the character. His name, where he comes from, what he’s fighting against.’

Once the treatments were made, Marley entrusted his hero to writer Joe Casey and illustrator Jim Manhood.

When asked if his original vision came to life Marley exclaimed, ‘Yeah, man. With Jim and Joe’s vision into it, it really came out great.’

Don’t judge a book by its cover, Marley believes in ‘Marijuana Man’ and feels he is a hero for all to look up to.

‘He really is a hero’ explains Marley, ‘him stand for truth and living in a way that you don’t destroy your planet.’

He goes on to say the first issue is just the beginning; there are plans to release a new issue of ‘Marijuana Man’ every year on 4/20.