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Colorado Students May Soon Be Allowed to (Legally) Bring Marijuana onto School Grounds

Colorado students can use medical marijuana legally in schools

Colorado continues to lead the way in marijuana laws, by legally allowing Colorado students with certain medical conditions and a valid recommendation to use medical marijuana on school grounds. House Bill 16-1373 was approved 35-0 by the Colorado Senate after successfully working its way through the Colorado House of...

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Justine Meader – Crohn’s Disease & Raw Cannabis Juice

Justine Meader talks about her success using cannabis juice for his Crohn’s Disease Crohn’s disease often results in a host of debilitating symptoms including abdominal cramps, malabsorption of nutrients, fatigue, and bowel problems. Justine Meader knew the effects all too well. For more than 15 years, Justine took doctor’s advice...

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