Our expansive online learning system allows students to have continuous access to new and relevant cannabis information. Additional modules are being developed by the Medical Marijuana Learning team to help the patient, cannabis consultant and the independent learner gain a greater understanding of cannabis, cannabis-related science, treatments for substance abuse, communication skills, professional ethics and ailments, as well as state-specific medical marijuana laws and policies.

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  • I've taken hundreds of CE courses on-line and this one is the best, hands down. Great support from MM411 too!! I find the Reference Lists in the Modules very helpful in further exploring the topics.Anne B.

  • Excellent! I've been using cannabis for over 25 years and learned so much from this course. Very easy to understand; the flow of information is well-structured. DeAnna T

  • This course I would recommend to anyone would like to learn about the Cannabis field. Tyrel G

  • I enjoyed the course......great info that made me want to learn.Brett H

  • I really liked the way the tests after each section showed immediately if the answer was correct or incorrect and offered an explanation of the answerWendy H

  • Well-prepared and useful course!Vitali U

  • Very impressed by the course materials especially the detailed information on our Endocannabinoid System. It has change my perception of medical cannabis oil's with the regards to the importance of the ratios of THC to CBD as well as other other cannabinoids and terpenes to help specific health issues. The digital format was flawless and worked seamlessly.Juli K

  • Well presented material that makes me want to research cannabis and the endocannabinoid system more fully.Charles B

  • This is an awesome learning experience for me every question I had was provided in the reading material all the videos, graph, links and additional information provided is beyond great and I can go back anytime and brush up on anything I have questions about. all information is in great detail and I’m not overwhelmed like in most online classes I’ve taken. Sean L

  • This was an amazing course and I think the resources used were well organized and informative. Thank you. Tiffaney C.

  • Fantastic program - everyone (all humans) should learn this information!Andrea S

  • This is a great program and I really enjoyed taking this course. It has everything that a person needs to know about Medical Marijuana Especially for someone who is new to Medical Marijuana I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning about Medical Marijuana I am a veteran on marijuana and have been involved with marijuana for 36 years. I was very amazed on how much info was put into the program and what I got out of it. The Medical Marijuana 411 is my new go to information center for Medical Marijuana resources The website is very informative and on point!!! Dina L

  • Excellent. Very Informative!Tiffany A

  • Very nice. I look forward to learning more about the topic of using cannabis for health, well-being and prevention.Juli K

  • A very effective way of learning. I personally liked the pictures and graphs. It helped me grasp the knowledge a little bit easier than just staring at words. I could connect what I just read with the picture provided.Kyler D

  • I learned so much and have already applied these lessons to educate others both in my dispensary and out in social life. Stormy P

  • I thought the course was very informative.David R

  • Christine was amazing with assistance for registering etc. This was informative and full of interesting videos etc. very interactive. loved my training!Jeff M

  • Thank you for all of the knowledge, can't wait to learn moreFrederick H

  • Thank you for the materials. I found the course helpful and informative.David D

  • Great course for someone new to the industry, as it is very informational and detailed; as well as for a seasoned weedpuenuer! Thank you!Jessika H


  • I learned so incredibly much! i really began to feel even more passionate about consulting after completing this course!Leeza S

  • Thanks, this course was very informative and helpful for knowledge in the industry. Kyle K

Medical Marijuana 411 is proud to partner with Springer Publishing, one of the largest medical publishers in the world to offer books and infographic posters. The first release is the Medical Cannabis Handbook which is 250 full color pages and helps anyone who wants to navigate the maze of information and disinformation about medical cannabis. Based on the latest research, this book demonstrates the efficacy of cannabis in treating a broad range of symptoms and conditions and is a great reference guide for not only healthcare professionals, but anyone wanting to understand cannabis as medicine.

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Our team of medical marijuana professionals has developed state-of-the-art online eLearning programs for medical marijuana education. The online courses we offer are designed to provide medical professionals, cannabis business owners and staff the knowledge and certifications needed to be successful and knowledgeable in the cannabis industry.


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