About Medical Marijuana 411

About Medical Marijuana 411

About Medical Marijuana 411Founded in 2009, Medical Marijuana 411 is one of the first and most trusted online resources for patient-centric information on medical marijuana. We are a community of advocates, patients, researchers and believers in the healing qualities of marijuana. We are committed to bringing you stories and information from patients and insiders who are shaping a new generation of opinions and driving change in the cannabis industry. With a vast social network of over 1.1 million followers and millions ofmonthly impressions, Medical Marijuana 411’s reach is unparalleled. As our reach continues to grow, our core team constantly evaluates how we can offer additional ways to connect with our online family.

A division of Medical Marijuana 411, MM411 Inc. has developed a state of the art online education system which delivers a complete online solution, for adult independent learning. We are Washington State certified, offering Washington State Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification, and the annual State required Continuing Education courses.

Here at MM411 Inc. we will always offer 100% online modules, webinars and podcasts, which give you the ability to schedule and complete your education when it makes sense for you. As we continue to build new advanced learning management system modules and webinars, we are creating a “knowledge vault” where students can continually access new information. Additional modules are being developed to help the patient, the consultant and the independent learner gain a greater understanding of cannabis, cannabis related science, substance abuse, communication skills, professional ethics and ailments, as well as State specific laws and policies in relation to Medical Marijuana.

The entire team at Medical Marijuana 411 is committed to your education and Connecting You To A Better Day.

You can contact us at (844)411-0500 ext. 813
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