Washington State Medical Cannabis Consultant Education

Practical certification courses to meet the needs of Cannabis professionals, patients and industry members in Washington State

  • Washington 2024 Continuing Education – Anti-aging with Cannabis


    Cannabis and certain foods have been researched for their potential anti-aging benefits. The interest in these natural remedies is driven by their antioxidant properties, ability to reduce inflammation, and in some cases, their impact on specific aging-related pathways. It's essential to approach this topic with an understanding that while some studies suggest potential benefits, more…

  • Washington 2024 Continuing Education – Sexual Harassment SB 5258


    This module is will enable Washington state cannabis industry professionals to better understand the legal requirements of the sexual harassment and sexual assault required training, SB5258, for all retail workers. Protect your cannabis dispensary or retail cannabis organization with sexual harassment and discrimination prevention training. Medical Marijuana 411’s Sexual Harassment training module meets the latest…

  • Washington State Healthcare Provider Education: Medical Use of Marijuana


    RCW 69.51A.300 required the development of continuing education for healthcare providers based on the medical marijuana authorization practice guidelines. Medical Marijuana 411 has developed the Washington State Healthcare Provider Education: Medical Use of Marijuana online CME course and has been approved by the Washington State Boards and Commissions. Are you a budtender/dispensary consultant seeking to…

  • Washington State Medical Cannabis Consultant Certification


    Washington state law requires all marijuana retail stores with a medical cannabis endorsement to have a certified Medical Cannabis Consultant on staff. The certification program for Washington consists of 20 hours of course work. As a dispensary owner, we understand that certification courses can be expensive. If you want to talk about how to train…