Livity Outernational and Medical Marijuana 411 Bring "Legalized It" Campaign For Industrial Hemp

LiViTY is a positive, healthy lifestyle. Our products and message reflect our core values of sustainability and unity. All of our apparel and accessories are designed using organic, renewable and recycled materials and are produced in equitable trade. Livity’s 2010 collection is an expression of our commitment to conscious living and creativity.

Many people ask me about medical marijuana, and I very much enjoy each opportunity to let someone know about all of the many benefits cannabis can have for us all, with some researchers now calling it an essential nutrient.

It truly is unbelievable how far we have come on this issue, and as legalization of marijuana is right around the corner many people now have the opportunity to ask me another question: how is medical marijuana legal but industrial hemp is not?

While there are many who would interject on the myriad of reasons as to why industrial hemp is still illegal, the question of how remains a mystery to me still.  For all the things that medical marijuana can do, hemp can do better.  Well maybe not all.

“How is medical marijuana legal but industrial hemp is not?”

Certainly hemp has every reason to be used; not only as a food source, but as a bio-fuel, as paper, oils, and of course, our clothing, and everything else we use petroleum for. If we care enough about what we put in our body, perhaps we should consider what we put on our body as well.

When you buy a product, you vote for that company.  And when you buy hemp, you support an industry that we should be creating locally.

This summer, Medical Marijuana 411 teamed up with their friends at Livity Outernational to help this question find an answer.

Livity is a an eco-fashion company specializing in apparel and accessories produced from hemp and organic, renewable and recycled materials. Founded back in 2001 by Isaac Nichelson, Livity has always helped push positive ideas forward through art as activism.

“LiViTY promotes the use of Hemp in all forms as the worlds foremost renewable resource… Legalize it!”

– Isaac Nichelson, Founder of Livity Outernational

Now 2010, Livity’s Art As Activism line has flamed their ‘Legalized It’ campaign, which not only begs the question but also a call to action.  That’s why they’ve designed their ‘Legalized It’ line to promote the legalization of industrial hemp, and that’s where you come in. If you have a collective and want to display the Legalized It line of Livity for your patients, or just a conscious consumer that wants to wear sustainable materials made from hemp and other organics, click on the links to Livity and use MM411 as a coupon code to get the ‘hemp hook up.’

So log on to and show that you care what you put on your body, and help find an answer to why industrial hemp remains illegal while medical marijuana has been legal for almost 15 years.

If you have would like to offer sustainable products at your location or would like to get your own “Legalized It” display for your store, please contact Medical Marijuana 411 or Livity Outernational and a representative from either family would be happy to help you spread some knowledge and support the hemp industry!

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