After Car Accident, Neck Pain is Managed With Medical Marijuana

After Car Accident, Neck Pain is Managed With Medical Marijuana

A Better Quality of Life

VIDEO: A Medical Marijuana 411 ( interview with Beverly, a medical marijuana patient in Southern California who suffers from chronic neck pain.

Beverly suffers from chronic neck pain due to a terrible car accident. After first looking for relief through a chiropractor and then prescription medications, she found that medical marijuana worked much better for her situation.

In this short video Beverly explains in her own words about how she is enjoys a better quality of life since using medical marijuana.

Transcription: I’m Beverly Mather. I was in a bad car accident first of all. And then after that I was developing neck pain. The next thing you know I was going to see chiropractors. And then to get relief you have to see a psychiatrist to get a heaver, like a Valium or something, it was getting ridiculous, I wanted to get out of the pain, and because of the pain I was getting stressed out. Everyday problems at home became too much. So, I started to go to the doctors, play their games just to get the medicine. But what I found out, I could come here; I can come here and get the medication, smoke a couple of puffs. I don’t have to smoke a whole joint, I can take a couple puffs ’cause this stuff is really good and then I’m good to go. I can rest the neck, or I can actually get up and doing things. Like playing with my corn, I have to tie it up. And then my strawberries, and natural things. Now that I have choices to go too, I’m doing really good.

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