All of Us or None & Steve Collett Demand Lower Drug Penalties

By All of Us or None

Advocates across Southern California support Mark Leno’s SB 1506, which, if enacted, would significantly reduce prison and jail spending.

The bill revises all personal-use drug possession crimes, and recategorizes them as misdemeanors.

State and local governments would be able to dedicate precious resources to probation, drug treatment and mental health services, which have proven most effective in reducing drug-related crime.

This clip includes statements in support of SB 1506 from:

~Susan Burton, All of Us or None 
~Steve Collett, Congressional Candidate, CA-33
~Michelle Alexander, author, The New Jim Crow

Why this bill is needed
• To help address the state and county budget crises;
• To help alleviate overcrowding in state prisons and county jails;
• To provide greater flexibility to county governments to invest in cost-effective
approaches to reduce recidivism, including drug treatment and mental health services;
• To free up law enforcement officials to focus on more serious offenses;
• To reduce costly burdens on the overcrowded court system;
• To prevent severe lifelong consequences of a felony conviction that hurt families and
individuals, including reduced access to jobs, student loans, housing and small
business loans

To express your support, please call your local Assemblyman, or visit their office & explain that you think it’s time to call a ceasefire in the Drug War.

Assembly Member Isadore Hall, III Capitol Office Sacramento (916) 319-2052 District Address Rancho Dominguez (310) 223-1201

Assembly Member Warren T. Furutani Capitol Office Sacramento (916) 319-2055 District Office: Long Beach (562) 989-2919

Senator Roderick Wright State Capitol Sacramento (916) 651-4025 District Address Inglewood (310) 412-0393

Assenbly Member Charles M. Calderon Capitol Office Sacramento (916) 319-2058 District Office City of Industry (562) 692-5858

Senator Alan Lowenthal Capitol Office State Capitol (916) 651-4027 District Offices Long Beach (562) 495-4766
Paramount (562) 529-6659

Senator Curren D. Price, Jr. Capitol Office Sacramento (916) 651-4026 District Office Los Angeles (213) 745-6656

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