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Medical Marijuana for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Study

Daily Dose 2015-03-27 5 comments

Arizona Medical Marijuana for PTSD study gets OK from feds

PHOENIX — Medical marijuana for post traumatic stress disorder study. An Arizona-based psychiatrist and marijuana researcher is moving forward with a controversial cannabis study that could have nationwide implications.

Just months after her termination from the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Dr. Sue Sisley has been given the go-ahead from the federal government for the study and has secured funding as well.

Sisley has faced numerous hurdles in her efforts to study the effects of four marijuana strains on veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It has been five years now battling the government at all levels to try to get this study underway,” she said.

The former clinical assistant professor at UA has said she was fired from the school for attempting the pot study.

“I believe that we owe it to these veterans, we have a duty to them, to at least put marijuana through the rigors of a randomized controlled trial to understand if these claims are accurate,” she said.

Sisley is looking for a Valley-based location to complete the research.

So as soon as we secure a location here in Scottsdale or Phoenix, then we will be ready to invite the DEA in to inspect our site.

“They’ll grant us a Schedule-1 research license and I’ll be able to proceed with purchasing marijuana study drug from the federal government.

As veterans continue to use medical marijuana to treat PTSD, she said it is important to find which strains, if any, are beneficial.

Sisley needs 38 vets to participate in the study. Research will take about two years.



  1. Brian

    Sign me up. 11yrs in the military with two depolyments Iraq and Afghanistan . I suffer from PTSD.

  2. Raymond Bamford

    I’m a Vietnam Vet w/PTSD and would like to participate in Dr. Sue Sisley’s 2 year study. where do I sign up?

  3. Cindy

    I have PTSD from other trauma in my past, and I know alot of other people that do to. Are we going to be able to be treated with Medical Cannabis just like the Veterans?

  4. Timothy Tipton

    Blessings!! This professional should have NEVER Been Terminated and this Federal Approval should have occurred Long Ago! I hasten to think about how many Lives have been lost from Suicide, from lack of proper treatment due to a FAILED DRUG WAR Mentality!! In the field, we see the WINS of Veterans who are getting their LIFE BACK via intensive CBD Therapy and cannabis usage. Congratulations Susan Sisley.
    Timothy Tipton