Boundaries – A Feature Film About Cannabis Culture and Family Dynamics

An upcoming indie feature film called Boundaries, starring Christopher Plummer and Vera Farmiga, dives into family dynamics, love, and cannabis culture. From families to stoner friends, Boundaries has a large target audience. The film is due to come out June 22nd, 2018 and will likely draw interest from a number of groups that wouldn’t normally coalesce in a movie theater.

The feature film about cannabis revolves around a grandfather named Jack (Plummer) travelling cross-country to California with his daughter Laura (Farmiga) and her son Henry. The journey takes place after Jack is kicked out of his nursing home for what appears to be several cannabis-related incidents. The family faces many obstacles on the trip, but none more present than Laura’s adamant disapproval of Jack’s love of cannabis.

The American Cannabis Debate

Boundaries takes on several diverse topics that affect families in the 21st century. As Vera Farmiga (of Bates Motel fame) said, “I think most of us need decoders to understand our parents, and I’m always drawn to stories that coax me to see my parents for who they really are.”

A primary theme in this film examines the debate currently going on in America regarding cannabis. In the film’s trailer, Jack calls cannabis his “medicine.” His daughter Laura doesn’t seem to agree, and finds her father’s adoration of the healing plant misplaced. Though the biggest issue for Laura isn’t Jack’s love of cannabis, it’s that he’s also a marijuana dealer. Throughout the film, as Jack, Laura, and Henry inch closer to California, they make multiple stops to sightsee, visit friends, and maybe, just maybe, make deals to unload their marijuana stash.

Boundaries is a perfect summer film for those who love a good drama, comedy, or even a joint. Any movie with Christopher Plummer, who has starred in over 100 films, is bound to be enjoyable and successful at the box office.

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