Can Marijuana Help People With ADHD?

New Study Suggests CBD Benefits People With ADD or ADHD

Can Marijuana Help People With ADHD? Homeopathic practitioner Robert Scott Bell talks about new research that suggests cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-psychoactive element present in marijuana, can have practical benefits for people with ADD or ADHD.

“We can slow down a hyperactive brain, instead of frying it, we can calm it down.”


Another thing that I wanted to cover with you here that’s important is pot and ADHD, I know you you have done some work on this, you have written about this and a lot of people say you know chemical straitjackets are the way to go with kids that are suffering from ADHD but there is new research out there that says cannabis, CBD, and marijuana itself have some positive effects on people with ADHD. Yeah, I remember that the pharmaceutical-like concept for ADHD is primarily speed or derivatives of what we call speed, methamphetamines


in a fancy new package. And of course the idea is these kids, or their minds are racing we can’t get them to slow down, so what do they do, they just literally fry the brain, they burn it out, so oh my gosh, look, little Johnny is a vegetable over there but at least he’s not disrupting the class. Now the long term ramifications of that still never have been studied, there are problems with growth and other developmental issues, so in this case we look at the plant known as cannabis or some call


it marijuana or hemp and we say, what is this endocannabinoid system we are learning more about. The receptors, the anandamide we mentioned, different things that are part and partial to the human and even animal experience, and let’s just say we can slow down a hyperactive brain instead of frying it, we can calm it down and we know there are receptors all over the brain, the nervous system, the gut, the second brain, and we have seen the gut brain connection with ADD and ADHD, so for me this is a very good


trend of acknowledgment, that we need to look at the botanical world for our medicine and this is medicine that is unlike what we have been told over the years, this is non-addictive and this is really not harming the brain, in fact it’s protective of the brain. 

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