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cannabis pain management course

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Learn About Medical Marijuana For Pain Management

  • One hour online course
  • What is pain, the pain scale and the different pain categories
  • Why medical marijuana works for pain management
  • Traditional medications used for pain
  • Why leading doctors are listening to patients and becoming proponents for medical marijuana research and legalization
  • About opioid related deaths

Course Description

In this course you will learn about how medical marijuana can help those who suffer from pain and help those patients to reduce the amount of traditional prescription, pharmaceutical medications including opioids in managing their pain.

You will learn about pain disorder categories and pain scales. Did you know that intractable pain is a severe, constant pain that is not curable by any known means and causes a bed or house-bound state and early death if not adequately treated, usually with opioids and/or interventional procedures?  Medical Marijuana is recognized by many legal states as a viable option to patients who suffer from intractable pain.

Chronic pain, a different category, afflicts more than 40% of the population at any given time and is usually defined as any persistent or intermittent pain that lasts more than 3 months. Many times topical marijuana treatments can be a viable option for chronic pain suffers. Topicals and how topicals work is discussed in this course.

Also included will be a discussion on research and doctors working with medical cannabis, and an introduction to Dr. Mark Ware. Also covered in this module are traditional medicines used for pain management, opioid abuse, and an infographic regarding opioid abuse statistics in the US.

Additional white paper research, definitions and statistics related to pain and pain management will be presented.

Finally, you will see a patient story video and learn how medical cannabis helps her through her day to day struggles.

Program Experts

Dr. Mark Ware

Dr Mark Ware spoke with Medical Marijuana 411 and his interview is showcased in this course module. Dr Ware discusses his patient led journey in the understanding of medical marijuana. Now, Dr Ware is one of the leading researchers and proponents of medical marijuana, simply because he listened to the anecdotal reports from his patients which led him to the science of why cannabis works with many individuals afflicted by pain and other ailments.

With all of the Medical Marijuana 411 online courses, each course features multiple experts and peer reviewed scientific research as the basis of the online course. For the introductory course to Medical Marijuana and Pain Management, students will understand the various definitions of pain and traditional medications used to treat pain, including opioids.

The Medical Marijuana and Pain Management course also includes: peer reviewed, white paper research, downloadable graphics that include opioid abuse statistics.

In the final module, a patient story, I am Amy, is featured and shows how medical marijuana allows Amy to alleviate some of her intractable pain symptoms and acheive a better quality of life.

Our Team Of Experts

Course Materials


  • Pain Management – Information and Definition
  • Pain Management and Medical Marijuana
  • Dr. Mark Ware – Bio
  • Dr. Mark Ware Exclusive – Video
  • Traditional Medications Used For Pain Management
  • Opioid Abuse
  • Patient Story: Amy – Video
  • Opioid – Infographic
  • Opioid Addiction Facts and Figures

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