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By Susan K. Livio  |  Published in Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair — New Jersey's only operating medical marijuana dispensary — will be closed for about two weeks to build up a surplus of "quality medicine," one of its co-founders, Julio Valentin, said today. Patients were notified by phone this week ... Read More
July 2, 2013Sam Sabzehzar


By Frank Stoltze  |  Published in The Los Angeles city attorney’s office has released the names of 134 medical marijuana dispensaries eligible to remain open under Measure D, the new law approved by voters in May. Under Measure D, dispensaries must meet three requirements to continue to operate: they must have ... Read More
July 1, 2013Sam Sabzehzar


By Lauren Payne  |  April 25, 2013 Often, when I speak with operators of Medical Cannabis Dispensing Collectives (MCDs), I'm often struck by how many of them believe the rumors they hear about other collectives operating in their areas. They've heard that other collectives "aren't in it for the patients; they sell ... Read More
April 25, 2013Rich


Patients who are terminally ill, have impaired mobility or simply lack the space, deserve a safe, local and well-regulated facility By Eugene Davidovich  |  Published in UT San Diego Seventeen years after California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 215, many prohibitionists have distorted the law and voters’ intent, claiming “medical marijuana” was only ... Read More
April 16, 2013Sam Sabzehzar


By Aaron Justis Dispensaries that provide safe access to medical cannabis are still relatively new to the business world, creating some unique challenges for the MMJ industry as a whole. Nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to winning over locals and influencing the political process. Older, established industries have been ... Read More
March 21, 2013Sam Sabzehzar


After a lengthy and successful career in law enforcement, Major Neill Franklin learned about the medicinal qualities of cannabis after leaving the force and is sharing his insights with as many people that will listen. By Major Neill Franklin  |  Published in Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Major Neill Franklin joined LEAP after ... Read More
February 14, 2013Sam Sabzehzar


By Tamsyn Burgmann  |  Published in HuffPost Canada Ottawa's decision to snuff its role in dispensing medical marijuana has ignited a debate over how the move will impact public health and safety. A range of groups -- including those representing law enforcement officials, physicians and medical cannabis advocates -- were reacting Sunday after ... Read More
December 17, 2012Sam Sabzehzar


Arizona's first licensed medical-marijuana dispensary, Arizona Organix in Glendale, opened this month. By Matthew Hendley  |  Published in Phoenix New Times Voters passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act more than two years ago, but it's taken a while to implement. The state Department of Health Services had to set up all the guidelines ... Read More
December 15, 2012Sam Sabzehzar


By Rebecca Leber  |  Published in The nation’s largest private prison corporation appears to be playing a part in drug raids at some Arizona public schools, PRWatch reports. On October 31, Vista Grande High School in Case Grande, Arizona had its first drug raid in the school’s four-year history. Three students were arrested for marijuana ... Read More
December 4, 2012Sam Sabzehzar