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21 May

Coming out of the Green Closet, with THC Nation, Wall Las Memorias, & Steve Collett

By Steve Collett for Congress  |  Posted in   Steve Collett generously hosted Tender Healing Care Nation’s first Coming Out of the Green Closet event, where discussions of disclosing secrets led to greater awareness about several issues face the LGBTQ community. THC Nation & Wall Las Memorias provided presentations, and funds were raised for

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16 Oct

California Medical Association Adopts Official Policy to Legalize Marijuana

By Molly Weedn  |  Published in California Medical Association The California Medical Association (CMA) has adopted official policy that recommends legalization and regulation of cannabis. The decision was based on a white paper concluding physicians should have access to better research, which is not possible under the current policy. The paper, available here, is a thoughtful study

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08 Aug

How Many Medical Marijuana Patients Are Fakers? Does It Matter?

By Jacob Sullum  |  Published in  A recent survey of 1,746 patients at nine medical marijuana evaluation clinics in California indicates that “the patient population has evolved from mostly HIV/AIDS and cancer patients to a significantly more diverse array.” University of California at Santa Cruz sociologist Craig Reinarman and his colleagues, who report their results in the Journal of

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02 Jun

Palm Springs AIDS Medical Marijuana Patient Group meeting

By Tamara H. Sone |  Published in My Desert Coachella Valley residents who have AIDS may get some relief when it comes to paying for medical marijuana. Lanny Swerdlow, registered nurse and founder of the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project, is starting a new support group to collect no-cost and low-cost marijuana for patients who qualify. “The purpose of

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31 Mar

Germany plans to legalize medical marijuana

The German health ministry has announced plans to legalize medical use of marijuana, prompting praise from advocates for patients with chronic pain and terminal illnesses. By Andrew Bowen |  Published in Deutsche Welle Top policy makers in the German government have agreed on plans to allow prescriptions for medical marijuana for seriously ill patients, according to

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