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01 Apr


Even though I have a physical disability, hes in a lot of real pain and it helps him, the only thing that helps him. Hes on a lot of pills too and they don’t work compared to the medical marijuana, it helps him out big time. I think its very important for everyone to get a recommendation for people who need medical marijuana. Not only to cover themselves for the law side of it, so that you know that you’re doing what your doctor has told you what you can do. But also, if you’re ill its a great place to come and get what you need. Your medicine that you need. I just feel its important for you to have your recommendation so that you can, like me I take may medicine with me wherever I go. As long Im not on the street driving a car. If I’m going to my relatives house, I bring my medicine with me. And I don’t want to get pulled over and have the police give a problem over that. So Im at least covered on that end, so I can travel with my medicine wherever have I go. My family is very supportive of my medical marijuana use. They have no problems with it at all, very cool. I really appreciate, just everything that is given to me.

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18 Mar

Patient Story – Bill Britt

Medical Marijuana 411 interviews William Bill Britt who suffers from polio and epilepsy. Due to his conditions, Bill suffers from: pain, depression, nausea and insomnia. Bill talks about CBD or cannabidiol which is the major extract of cannibinoid or marijuana. CBD has been proven to be a non steriod medication anti inflammatory medicinal herb that counteracts: depression, nausea and pain. Also a mood elevator, CBD is a natural way to treat these symptoms. Bill goes on to state: “it is so wrong that this [medical marijuana] is illegal when so many people are suffering”.

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