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By Charles C. Johnson |  Published in The Billings Gazette (excerpts) The U.S. Justice Department will prosecute individuals and organizations involved in the business of any illegal drug, including marijuana used for medical purposes permitted under state law, Michael W. Cotter, U.S. attorney for Montana, said in a letter to ... Read More
April 22, 2011Daily Dose


By Nanci Bompey |  Published in Citizen Times RALEIGH — A local state lawmaker introduced a bill this week that would make it legal to grow and use marijuana for medical purposes. Rep. Patsy Keever, D-Buncombe, is one of three primary sponsors of the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act filed on Thursday. The ... Read More
April 6, 2011Daily Dose


By Anthony Buckland Each year thousands of U.S. Citizens with curable diseases die because they are denied a true healing medicine plant, Cannabis. The U.S. Citizens have long claimed that the laws on cannabis no longer reflect the Will of the American People. Supporters of Cannabis claim ... Read More
March 2, 2011Daily Dose


Forget about what's happening in the partisan battle for control of Congress and statehouses across the country. The single-most important issue that will be decided on November 2 is California's Proposition 19, a ballot initiative that would legalize the cultivation, consumption, and sale of marijuana and allow ... Read More
October 29, 2010Daily Dose


With eight states looking to legalize medical marijuana through legislative initiatives or ballot measures this November (Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Dakota)(1), I wanted to review some of the pros and cons, as I see them, of marijuana use and abuse.
October 25, 2010Daily Dose


The Heritage Foundation's Charles Stimson has released a completely bonkers prohibitionist screed on marijuana. Will the think tank retract it? If you want to read one of the most absurd "policy" articles about marijuana in history, go quickly to the website of the Heritage Foundation to read "Legalizing Marijuana: Why ... Read More
September 28, 2010Daily Dose


Los Angeles, CA -- Federal District Court Judge George H. Wu issued a 41-page written sentencing order yesterday, stating that medical marijuana provider Charles C. Lynch was "caught in the middle of the shifting positions" on the issue and that, "Much of the problems could be the reclassification of marijuana from Schedule I." Lynch ... Read More
May 4, 2010Daily Dose