Vast Majority of Doctors Support Medical Marijuana Cancer Treatment For Children

A recently released study of oncology providers published in the official journal of the academy of pediatrics found that 85% of doctors who provide medical marijuana would recommend it for use in children with cancer. Interestingly enough, the study actually found that 95% of doctors who cannot prescribe medical marijuana support its use in child cancer patients.

How Cannabis Can Help Treat Cancer

There is little debate as to whether or not cannabis has some valid medicinal uses. While the exact scope of its abilities is unknown, one condition for which medical marijuana has been notoriously helpful is cancer. There is quickly compiling evidence that proves cannabis can help to treat many of the symptoms of cancer and possibly even the condition itself.

One of the most important ways cannabis can improve the quality of life of cancer patients is its ability to counteract the negative effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy remains the most effective well-known cancer treatment but it does carry a myriad of horrifying side effects. Some of the main side effects of chemotherapy include muscle pain, nausea, and weight loss. Cannabis has shown over and over in studies its ability to help relive all of those symptoms to varying degrees. There are multiple studies that show that when administered correctly, CBD can attack and dull the receptors causing nausea. There are even more studies suggesting cannabis is a highly effective pain reliever.

While it is more of a controversial topic, there is some evidence suggesting cannabis actually has the ability to kill cancer cells thus halting the progress of the condition. This is not as universally appreciated as fact as the idea that cannabis can relieve nausea and pain, it is promising enough that many cancer patients supplement their treatment with regular administration of cannabis.

Examining The Study Showing Doctors Support Medical Marijuana For Children

Oncologists have been historically cautious when recommending cannabis due to the potential side effects and lack of universal scientific acceptance. What is so shocking about this report is that it shows that doctors almost unanimously support cannabis for children with cancer. According to the study, the number of doctors who support medical marijuana use in children increases if the child is in graver condition. Oncologists support a medical marijuana cancer treatment in such high numbers because there are numerous studies that suggest that cannabis does have the ability to relieve pain and nausea and may have the the ability to kill cancer cells.

Most in the cannabis industry are rightfully excited about the recreational legalization efforts sweeping the nation, but studies like this, showing that nearly 100% of oncologists support the recommendation of cannabis to cancer stricken children are just as exciting. Evidence will continue to mount that backs up the view of these doctors and as it does, the quality of life for cancer patients will continue to improve.

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