Fundraiser for LEAP to include Judge Jim Gray at Film Screening in Long Beach

Legalize It highlights California’s Prop 19 and brings a Q & A with to the Long Beach Art Theatre

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  October 21, 2012

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition will host a benefit in the Los Angeles area to draw support for the voice of law enforcement in drug policy reform.

The evening will feature a first-look screening of the film Legalize It, a panel discussion from LEAP speakers and Legalize It producers and a special awards presentation honoring the heroes of California’s Proposition 19 movement, Richard Lee, Dale Sky Jones and Jeff Jones of Oaksterdam University.

The film Legalize It, which features many LEAP speakers including current Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Judge Jim Gray, will screen in Long Beach, where there has been much controversy regarding medical cannabis dispensing centers.

All proceeds from the screening will benefit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), which endorsed Prop 19 and is featured in the film.

The screening and Q & A, will take place this Wednesday, October 24, 2012.

Ravit Markus, Producer
Stephen Downing, Deputy Chief, LAPD (Retired), LEAP
Judge Jim Gray, LEAP
Belen Ascencion, Caravan for Peace and Justice
Lynne Lyman, Drug Policy Alliance
Reverend Rick Schlosser, California Council of Churches
Gretchen Bergman, A New PATH & Mom’s United to End the War on Drugs

Legalize It is an inspiring documentary that captures the powerful and moving story of the 2010 campaign to legalize cannabis in California. The Prop 19 campaign was a journey demonstrating that even those without wealth and political connection can bend the arc toward greater social justice.

Legalize It is a sensitive and humorous behind-the-scenes look at a colorful campaign, the unlikely people running it and the disparate groups who both opposed and endorsed it. The film features LEAP speakers Judge Jim Gray, Deputy Chief Stephen Downing, Lieutenant Diane Goldstein, former police officer Kyle Kazan and retired prosecutor/former police sergeant William John Cox.

Please join us on October 24 for LEAP’s California Benefit featuring a screening of Legalize It. To purchase tickets, click here

Tickets are available online



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