Gro Gro Gadget's Black Magic Odor Barrier Bag Buries Bad Smells

In what has grown out of an evolution in the cannabis industry, various products to help you protect your products have begun sprouting up, and are getting the recognition they deserve.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  July 22, 2011

What was once a thousand unattempted ideas, an emerging medical marijuana market has opened up a space for entrepreneurs to start to plant the first seeds of their dreams and take their first steps in a cannabis business.

Two such dreamers are starting to see their seeds break through the soil.

Coral and Kat were both born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and have been friends since they were kids.

They both spent many years involved in various work aspects of the medical cannabis industry but, like the majority of those involved with the plant itself, didn’t see the upward mobility America’s dream seems to be waking from for most people in this country today.

After season upon season of tending, harvesting, and trimming, these life-long friends were sitting up late one night trimming when the idea to start Gro Gro Gadgets was born.

“We knew that a black oven bag was a good idea, a no-brainer even, but we had no idea how to start a legitimate company, or engineer a brand new product, relives Kat, “so I bought some books, took a class on small business, and we began stockpiling our cash.”

“After several bumps in the production process, we finally developed a product that we were happy with,” explains Coral.

The result is the extra thick, extra-effective, and incredibly convenient Black Magic Odor Barrier Bag.

In a smell test, we stuffed three Gro Gro Gadgets Oder Barrier Bags with three different stinky substances: stinky cheese, stinky cannabis, and a dirty diaper.

The fourth bag we stuffed with potpourri just to see…

Unbelievably, not a single hint of any scent was detected!

Kudos to Kat and Coral for putting their heads together and coming up with a product that everyone needs.

The Gro Gro Gadget Black Magic Oder Barrier Bag


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