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Cannabis Success Stories

From HelloMD- After serving thousands of patients at HelloMD we have seen a pattern emerge: cannabis helps real people with real conditions.HelloMD Shares Marijuana Patient Story- People from all walks of life are turning to cannabis in lieu of opioids, other medications or alternative therapies because they are feeling the results and relief, with little to no side effects.

We thought it would be useful to talk to patients one on one about their medical conditions and ask them to tell their story so we can share it with you. What began as a simple survey has evolved into a revolving door of patients ecstatically conveying the message that cannabis is working for them; and they want to share their success story with others.

We hope that you enjoy what will be an ongoing series of patient case studies that include a variety of cannabis experiences. We also know there is no one size solution with cannabis, everyone reacts differently and each experience and success may be unique to that person. Our case studies will always follow the same format: A history of the patient’s condition, the previous treatment, the experience with cannabis, and specifically how they use cannabis for their condition in order to find relief.

Mary’s Experience with Cannabis

Chronic Pain History
In 2001 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Prior to that I had been very healthy. I think it was a period of extreme stress that maybe brought it on. When it started I went from being very mobile to suddenly very debilitated. It started on one side of my body and then migrated to the other side until I could barely move at all. The pain was unbearable.

Previous Treatments
Prior to trying cannabis It took a long time for doctors to accurately diagnose me. For 8 years I was treated with pharmaceuticals, and many were to deal with the side effects of the initial drugs. At one point I counted that I had been prescribed over 43 drugs. At a certain point, I became a drug zombie. I was unable to drive my kids to school or to enjoy life. A turning point came for me when I blacked out and woke up in the ER.

Cannabis Experience
After my blackout I started to think of how I might improve my well being. First I cut out diet soda, then I started to eat organic. Then it occurred to me that cannabis might be a more natural solution and worth a try. The pharmaceuticals were not helping and in fact were making my life worse. I worked with my pain management doctor for 3.5 months to wean myself off of all prescriptions and use marijuana instead. I always say to people to work with a doctor when doing this! After starting cannabis it helped me manage my pain, I was much more mellow and my family wanted to spend time with me.

The Cannabis Tool Kit

At night I smoke, to help me sleep. During the day I will smoke, which helps with movement, especially on a bad day.

Vape Pen
I use kief within this as it is very cost effective.

When I am in pain I will take 10mg every 3-4 hours.

I make my own topicals with alcohol. Once I infuse the alcohol with cannabis I pour it onto wet wipes. Rubbing the wet wipe on an area with localized pain provides immediate relief for me.

Mary Says

“When I went off of opioids and started using cannabis I was able to enjoy human touch again. I did not even realize I had lost that ability. With cannabis I am able to enjoy my life and be happy again.”

Source: HelloMD

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