Hemp and Beeswax Combined To Improve Your Health

Beeline combines two ancient, renewable resources, hemp and beeswax, for an all-natural, higher quality flame. - Photo from BeelineStore.com

Over the many years I’ve been smoking the herb, I never gave much thought to the method I was using to light my pipe.

I would just grab a handy lighter and fire it up… and without knowing it, all these years I’ve been inhaling poisonous butane along with the smoke.

That is not good in the short-term, and really not good if you’re a daily smoker for many, many years.

What Is Beeline?

I’ve been using Beeline since early 2009, and it’s one of those products that you can’t help but share with your friends.

Beeline is a healthy alternative to using a butane lighter when smoking your medicine. It is made from 100% organic hemp string that has been dipped in beeswax (also 100% organic), and it works like this:

1. Use a lighter, match, candle flame or any flame source to light the end of your Beeline string.

2. Let it burn for just a second and then use the lit Beeline to light your pipe, joint or bong.

3. Enjoy the butane-free flavor of the herb – you didn’t know it could taste that good, did you?

4. Remember to extinguish your Beeline!

5. Double-check – did you extinguish your Beeline?

(More info on the science of how it works here: https://www.thebeelinestore.com/whatisbeeline.html)

Beeline really does improve the flavor by removing the poisonous butane and it’s flavor-destroying flame. The first time you use it you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

For more on the poisons of Butane, here’s a little piece from the Beeline website:

Beeline vs. butane…

Inhaling unnatural toxic chemicals is not fun. Yet everyday smokers unknowingly take daily hits from their toxic butane lighters and matches.

With each puff you’re inhaling the following chemicals (and many more):

  • Antimony trisulfide
  • Urea formaldehyde
  • Powdered glass
  • Silica
  • Potassium chlorate
  • Sulphur

Why would anyone want to be directly inhaling these toxic chemicals?

They don’t, they simply aren’t aware.

There are many side affects of inhaling such chemicals, which Beeline users can look forward to avoiding. They include (but are not limited to):

Headaches, Disorientation, Drowsiness, Muscle Weakness, Lack of Coordination, Birth Defects, Depression, Irritability, Inattentiveness, Damage to Brain, Nervous System, Spinal Cord, Heart, Kidney and Lungs…

source: https://www.thebeelinestore.com/whyusebeeline.html

Here’ some of the health effects of Butane from Wikipedia:

Inhalation of butane can cause euphoria, drowsiness, narcosis, asphyxia, cardiac arrhythmia, and frostbite, which can result in death from asphyxiation and ventricular fibrillation.

Butane is the most commonly misused volatile substance in the UK, and was the cause of 52% of “solvent related” deaths in 2000.[3]

By spraying butane directly into the throat, the jet of fluid can cool rapidly to −20 °C by expansion, causing prolonged laryngospasm.[4]Sudden sniffer’s death” syndrome, first described by Bass in 1970,[5] is the most common single cause of “solvent related” death, resulting in 55% of known fatal cases.[4]

You can investigate Butane further if you like, here’s a Wikipedia link to the quote above: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butane

Buy A Lot So You Can Give It Away

Beeline is available in handy folded-paper, easy-to-carry single packs…

Beeline single pack - Photo from BeelineStore.com

and you can also buy it by the spool – 200 feet of butane-free smoking!

Spool of Beeline - 200 Feet of butane-free smoking - Photo from BeelineStore.com

I buy it by the spool because I go through single packs in less than a week – if I haven’t given it away before then. Beeline is one of the friendliest products I know. From my experience, everyone who uses it seems to always be ready to share their Beeline with a friend. Share the health!

I usually cut off a 2 to 3 yard piece and wrap it around my business card – made from hemp paper, of course.

Beeline wrapped around my business card...

Some people wrap their Beeline string around their lighter, which works great too.

You can order Beeline online from their store – I order on a regular basis and I’ve always received my order right away.

A extra word of advice: Re-order before you get down to your last yard of string – that first toke after you run out of Beeline and have to use your lighter is one very harsh toke.

Link: The BeelineStore.com

Until later, best of health,
Jon, onehumanbeing

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