Hemphasis on Knowledge: "Just Say Know" at the Cannabis College

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  September 24, 2011

A semester's worth of knowledge at the Amsterdam Cannabis College.

The Cannabis College in Amsterdam is a wealth of information aimed to empower the most naive native, or curious traveller, depending on your ‘reason’ for travel.

As Rick Steves recently said in Seattle, “One of the places I like to go to is a place called ‘high,’ and if I want to go there I should have the right to like our European friends.”

We applaud Rick, and the thousands that travel to Amsterdam to see what sensible regulations can look like.

And for those that are more than curious and want to learn a bit more, visit the ‘truthbrary’ at the Amsterdam Cannabis College and be prepared to ask any cannabis-related question you can think of, as their wealth of knowledge is a well of insight into all things cannabis, all in one place.

Medical Marijuana 411 recently met with the manager of the Cannabis College, David Duclos, who shares with us how this non-profit is able to provide free information on a daily basis.

“We are destined to provide accurate and unbiased information about the cannabis sativa, indica, and hemp plant,” says Duclos, who works with local coffeeshops so they can be sources of information for tourists when they can’t make it to the college.

“The patient stories are what really affect me,” explains David, who says he can learn a lot from reading, but there isn’t anything in a book that can talk to me like a medical cannabis patient with a compelling story.

“Often times, people like us and places like this are therapeutic for a patient as well, who can’t always travel with the medicine they need. I’ve seen patients reduce their prescription pill dosages when they find cannabis to be an effective form of medicine, and when a medical marijuana patient sees that we get it too, they feel a little more normal, a little more at home.”

“Everyone is welcome here, and we have lots of materials to read, watch, and you can even consume cannabis here. Plus we have Wi-Fi, so we’ll have someone in here and before we know it they are standing up and answering questions, volunteering, or helping out wherever the world of hemp needs it.”


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