Justine Meader – Crohn’s Disease & Raw Cannabis Juice

Justine Meader talks about her success using cannabis juice for his Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease often results in a host of debilitating symptoms including abdominal cramps, malabsorption of nutrients, fatigue, and bowel problems. Justine Meader knew the effects all too well.

For more than 15 years, Justine took doctor’s advice and used traditional pharmaceutical drugs such as: oxycodone, sulfasalazine, Pentasa, Remicade, Humira, Cimzia, Zofran, tramadol, prednisone, Flagyl, 6 MP, and Imuran. None of the drugs helped and many created additional side effects.

As a last resort, Justine began cannabis juicing and has put her disease into remission. Her mission now is to help others and spread the word.

Cannabis Juicing

Dr. William Courtney was one of the first physicians to publicize the benefits of juicing. In his documentary Leaf , he described how his wife Kristen overcame a terminal lupus diagnosis by juicing cannabis.

“The phytocannabinoids from this plant augment the body’s attempt to restore and increase function to a normal level, so it mimics the regulatory system of cellular physiology.” – Dr. William Courtney

Most cannabis oils are heated and decarboxylated. By juicing cannabis it preserves the cannabinoids in their raw, acidic forms. Juicing is an efficient way to ingest large quantities of THCA and CBDA, which have been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

THCA and CBDA are non-psychotropic and patients can ingest large quantities without feeling a “high”.

How Cannabis Juicing Saved Justine Meader’s Life

According to Justine, smoking cannabis helped alleviate nausea and pain from her Crohn’s Disease but many problems remained. Justine learned about cannabis juicing from her boss at the dispensary she and her husband decided that juicing cannabis was the right thing to try next.

Within seven days the changes were notable and friends and co-workers commented on how much better she looked.

The results of blood work from May 24, 2013 provided that Justine’s C-reactive protein level was 22, which is a sign of intense inflammation. Normal, is a less than 8. As Justine continued cannabis juicing, her CRP marker had dropped to 7.4 by July 12th.

“I am grateful to have found a way to alleviate my Crohn’s symptoms naturally. The only side effect is my happiness.” – Justine Meader

By November 4, 2014 multiple medical tests eventually showed that she had a normal blood levels and a healthy colon.

How to Juice Cannabis

You need to start with a high quality juicer. Takes one cup of cannabis leaves and then drink the juice immediately. Watch Justine’s video below for a full demonstration.

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