LEAP and Brave New Foundation Presents a New Dialogue in the Drug War: SafeKeepers

Beyond Bars is part of the national movement to curb mass incarceration. Their mission is to make short videos and use social media to enhance the work of groups across America pursuing a fairer, more cost-effective approach to public safety. By partnering with others to transform Americans’ hearts and minds, we help foster policies that are more about community and less about incarceration.

By Brave New Foundation  |  Published in BeyondBars.Org 

A new campaign from Brave New Foundation, in collaboration with LEAP and All of Us or None, among others, brings a series of short videos highlighting the Drug War’s cost on communities and alternatives to change it.

Our nation thrives when it has strong communities.

So why is the United States weakening communities by locking up more people than any country on earth?

Harsh sentences for even modest offenses are breaking up families and wasting human potential while depleting tax dollars.

Meanwhile, community-based solutions such as rehabilitation, education, and job opportunity have proved to be cheaper and better at stopping crime.

This is part of the SafeKeepers video series produced by the Beyond Bars campaign and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

Jim Gray had the perfect law & order pedigree. He came from a conservative family, his dad was a judge, he served in the Navy as a JAG attorney, and he went on to become a judge himself. He wanted to do good. But as soon as he started hearing cases from the bench, he realized something was seriously wrong. Watch him destroy those who want to be talk tough instead of being smart on crime:

Neill Franklin was a commander for the Maryland State Police Department. He saw the War on Drugs turn his home town of Baltimore into a desolate place and take the life of his friend Ed. Watch to see why he believes enough is enough.

Diane Goldstein was lieutenant commander of the Redondo Beach Police Department. She became a cop to help families like hers. Then her own family got torn apart.

Stephen Downing was deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. What does he does he think of the fact that our country puts people away for drugs? You might be surprised.

To see all of the video, please visit BeyondBars.org

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